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Conventional Loans

The mortgage offered by any one of the government sponsored entities differ from those provided by a bank or lending institution. These mortgages are typically 30-year fixed rate loans, as opposed to shorter term options such as an FHA or VA loan.

Interest rates on a government-backed mortgage are not fixed for the duration of your loan, but will usually be at an affordable rate.

A Government-Backed Mortgage is different from FHA or VA loans because they typically offer 30 year mortgages with fixed interest rates.

Getting your first house is an exciting time. There are many different options to choose from when it comes to getting a mortgage loan, but there's one in particular that you might want to pay attention too: the government sponsored entities mortgages (GSEs). These types of loans can be fixed-rate and for 30 years or more - perfect if you plan on staying put for quite some time!

The Government Sponsored Entities (GSE) provide homeowners with low rates and long terms so they're not paying as much every month even after interest has been applied. It typically takes around 20% down payment, though this depends on what type of GSE program we’re talking about because FHA only requires 3%.

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