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Mortgage Broker

Brokers are the go-betweens of a mortgage process, making sure you're getting the best deal and handling all paperwork. They don't make direct loans to homebuyers but work with them instead until they find an appropriate lender for their needs. Brokers collect fees as part of this transaction

A broker goes through all the trouble to find you your perfect home, and then collects a fee when it's done. They work with banks so that they know what kind of mortgage will be best for you based on their expertise in knowing which lenders offer good service or bad services. Brokers are an important part of finding homes because there is no way to keep up-to-date information about mortgages without one!

Brokers are the people that help you get through all of your paperwork for a mortgage, and finally collect their fees once they find someone willing to lend. They do not hand out loans themselves but work with lenders who have good rates available so we can pick from them.

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